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How To Fight Big Money and Empower People. 12 Major U.S. Public Interest Organizations Release Campaign Finance Reform Agenda.
Topic: Campaign Finance Reform  •  Submitted by: Jeff Cohen  •  Source: CommonCause.org (PDF)
How To Fix The U.S. Bail System & Reduce Pre-trial Detention
Topic: Prison System  •  Submitted by: Jeff Cohen  •  Sources: NY Times
Former Wall Streeter Discovers An Effective Way To Feed Philadelphia's Homeless & Hungry
Topic: Homelessness / Hunger  •  Submitted by: Jeff Cohen  •  Source: Nationswell.com
A New Kind Of Bank: Pay-What-You-Want If You're Happy
Topic: Banking / Finance  •  Submitted by: Jeff Cohen  •  Source: Huffington Post
Can Paying Active Criminals Lower The Crime Rate?  |  Video
Topic: Crime / Gun Violence  •  Submitted by: Jeff Cohen  •  Sources: Huffington Post | MSNBC
Simple! How Utah Is Solving Chronic Homelessness + Saving Money
Topic: Homelessness / Poor  •  Submitted by: Jeff Cohen  •  Source: Washington Post
Microcredit Loans Can Transform Poor Individuals, Help Build Savings & Credit + Eliminate Harmful Payday Loans
Topic: Banking / Poor / Credit / Debt  •  Submitted by: Jeff Cohen  •  Source: Huffington Post
Latest News & Headlines

September 3 - INDIANA District 3: Kip Tom (R) to run for open congressional seat.

September 2 - VIRGINIA: Attorney General Mark Herring (D) will not run for Governor in 2017; Looks like Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam (D) will be nominee.

September 2 - NORTH DAKOTA: Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley (R) admits to extramarital affair; Is still considering run for open gubernatorial seat.

September 2 - VERMONT: Matt Dunne (D) has filed paperwork to run for Governor; Has not yet made a formal announcement.

September 1 - VERMONT: Bruce Lisman (R) to enter open gubernatorial race.

September 1 - NEW MEXICO: Secretary of State Dianna Duran (R) has been criminally charged with 64 counts including fraud & embezzlement; it's said she diverted campaign funds to her own pocket.

August 31 - NEVADA District 1: Mary Perry (R) enters race vs Congresswoman Dina Titus (D).

August 31 - NEW YORK District 3: David Gurfein (R) to run vs Congressman Steve Israel (D).

August 28 - COLORADO District 1: Casper Stockham (R) enters race vs Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D).

August 28 - LOUISIANA: Charlotte McDaniel McGehee (D) to run vs State Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon (R).

August 27 - ARKANSAS District 2: Dianne Curry (D) to run vs Congressman French Hill (R).

August 26 - ALABAMA: Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange (R) won reelection on Tuesday. He defeated ex-Congressman Artur Davis (R) by 57-27 vote in non-partisan primary.

August 26 - INDIANA District 5: Angela Demaree (D) to run vs Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R).

August 26 - ILLINOIS District 8: Deb Bullwinkel (D) enters open seat congressional race.

August 25 - NEW HAMPSHIRE: Frank Edelblut (R) enters race vs Governor Maggie Hassan (D).

August 25 - NORTH DAKOTA: Governor Jack Dalrymple (R) will retire in 2016.


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The Problem: Racism. The Experiment: Will white people who observe positive nonverbal acts toward black Americans become less likely to perpetuate racial discrimination? At UC Berkeley, researchers conducted 4 experiments involving more than 300 (mostly) white college students. The experiment…
Categories: Domestic Issues Civil Rights 
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67 days ago · From JeffCohen
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Anonymous writes... "Can you please answer me this. Why are federal elections held on the first Tuesday in November? What makes it so special and why was it chosen?"
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Anonymous writes..."I don't understand the differences between a primary and a caucus. Also, what do conventions have to do with anything?"
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