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We The People
ke4roh commented on a the fix

There are some great algorithms for fair districts.  We should work to institute those or non-partisan commissions as there are in California.  My main concern with completely blind districts is that it might be harder to get minority representatives elected, and it is good to have some minority representation.

Here is a novel idea: Instead of drawing districts according to race or political affiliation, draw them to encompass 1 or more counties. This would force candidates to run on the issues facing the State/nation and not who has the most republicans or democrats, or on race, etc. Just look at US house…
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1 The Fix
02.16.2016 · From jgrainger
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ke4roh added new the fix
Approval voting is a method of casting and counting votes not much different from what we do today, but subtly different to improve our chances of a favorable outcome.  Each person gets one ballot and votes for as many candidates as they like.  The candidate with the most votes wins.  This subtle ch…
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Yesterday · From ke4roh
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7 days ago
JeffCohen wrote
Primaries and Caucuses. Fair or Unfair? Rigged or Not? (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)

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JeffCohen added a new forum post
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25 days ago
JeffCohen commented on a question

You shouldn't have to totally re-register. But you must update your voter registration with your new address info. Otherwise, you won't be listed at your new polling location when you show up to vote. When I moved (here in Florida), I received a brand new voter information card with my updated info & where to go and vote.

Bob writes... "if I don't vote in indiana primary, can I vote in general election?"
1 Answers
05.05.2016 · From JeffCohen
05.06.2016 10 likes 1 comments 1 comments
A guest commented on a question

We are register voters in Farmington NM but now live in Carlsbad NM, do we have to re-register? What do we need to do?

Bob writes... "if I don't vote in indiana primary, can I vote in general election?"
1 Answers
05.05.2016 · From JeffCohen
05.06.2016 9 likes 1 comments 1 comments
Election Races: Who's In. Who's Out.

May 25 - VERMONT: Bill "Spaceman" Lee is the gubernatorial nominee of the Liberty Union Party, Vermont's Marxist party.

May 25 - US SENATE: US Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) target of FBI & SEC probes investigating him for failing to report millions in assets/income.

May 24 - MICHIGAN District 8: Melissa Gilbert (D) exited race vs Congressman Mike Bishop (R) - cites "worsening" condition from a 2012 head/neck injury. Linda Keefe (D) appears 96 signatures short, likely to be disqualified.

May 23 - VIRGINIA: Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) is subject of FBI investigation related to donations to his 2013 gubernatorial campaign.

May 23 - FLORIDA District 19: Francis Rooney (R) enters open seat congressional race.

May 20 - FLORIDA District 19: Congressman Curt Clawson (R) will not seek reelection (will return home, care for ailing father). Chauncy Goss (R) is first to jump into open seat congressional race.

May 19 - HAWAII District 1: Congressman Mark Takai (D) will not seek reelection due to health reasons (battling pancreatic cancer).

May 19 - KANSAS District 3: Jay Sidie (D) to run vs Congressman Kevin Yoder (R).

May 19 - WASHINGTON District 3: Jim Moeller (D) enters race vs Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (R).

May 19 - LOUISIANA District 3: Clay Higgins (R) enters open congressional seat race.

May 19 - PRESIDENT 2016: Gary Johnson announces that Bill Weld has agreed to be his VP runningmate on Libertarian Party ticket.

May 17 - NEW JERSEY: Phil Murphy (D) will enter next year's open gubernatorial race.

May 17 - FLORIDA District 9: Ricardo Rangel (D) exited race for Congressman Grayson's open seat.


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Abe D. writes... "Jeff. What's the difference between an open primary and a closed primary? It's so bloody confusing! How do I get more info for rules & the process my state?"
1 Answers
02.20.2016 · From JeffCohen
Cathy F. writes... "I live in columbus, ohio i think i might be register as an independent. can i still vote republican without changing my status."
1 Answers
01.26.2016 · From JeffCohen
Anonymous writes... "Once the Primary is over. If a candidate does not win in the party they ran in can he/she switch to lets say a different party like Libertarian or some other open party to run against the Republicans and Democrats in the run off?"
1 Answers
12.18.2015 · From JeffCohen
 Anonymous writes... "In states where the electorate is not bound by law to follow the popular vote, do the voters have any legal recourse in, for example, civil court or even federal court, to protest the electorate not following the popular vote?"
1 Answers
12.18.2015 · From JeffCohen
Anonymous writes... "Can you please answer me this. Why are federal elections held on the first Tuesday in November? What makes it so special and why was it chosen?"
1 Answers
06.08.2014 · From JeffCohen
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