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    Founded in 1999, my goal is to offer you US election information for each state, every election race, voting information and answers to your frequently asked questions.
    - Jeff Cohen

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    My Voting Record?

    I am a registered independent. I vote for the the person who I feel is the most compatible with my ideology, not along any party lines.

Latest US Elections News

April 16 - OREGON District 4: Mike Beilstein (Green) to run vs Congressman Peter DeFazio (D).

April 16 - LOUISIANA District 5: Ed Tarpley (R) to run vs Congressman Vance McAllister (R).

April 15 - MICHIGAN District 14: Bert Johnson (D) exits race for open congressional seat.

April 14 - SOUTH CAROLINA: Tom Ervin ends GOP run vs Governor Nikki Haley (R); will run as Independent.

April 14 - WISCONSIN District 6: Congressman Tom Petri will retire in 2014. John Hiller (R) & Duey Stroebel (R) enter open seat congressional race.

April 11 - CONNECTICUT: Ex-Governor John Rowland (R), who resigned & went to prison in scandal 10 years ago, indicted in new campaign finance scheme.

April 11 - OKLAHOMA: Constance Johnson (D) enters US Senate special election race.

April 11 - Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigning; Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell to be nominated as new HHS Secretary.

April 11 - MAINE: US Senator Angus King (Ind) says he may switch sides, caucus with GOP, after the midterm elections.

April 11 - LOUISIANA District 5: Governor Bobby Jindal (R) & state GOP Chair Roger Villere call on freshman Congressman Vance McAllister (R) to resign in wake of sex scandal.

April 9 - MICHIGAN District 8: Barb Byrum (D) will not run.

April 8 - RHODE ISLAND District 1: Matt Fecteau (D) & Cormick Lynch (R) enter race vs Congressman David Cicilline (D).

April 8 - MICHIGAN District 4: Paul Mitchell (R) enters open seat congressional race. District 12: Ray Mullins (D) to run for open congressional seat.

April 7 - WYOMING: Ed Buchanan (R) & Pete Illoway (R) enter open seat race for Secretary of State.

April 7 - MINNESOTA District 1: Aaron Miller (R) won GOP convention endorsement. District 2: John Kline (R) won GOP endorsement. District 7: Torrey Westrom (R) won GOP endorsement.

April 7 - COLORADO: Mark Aspiri (R) exits US Senate race.

April 5 - VIRGINIA District 8: Alfonso Lopez (D) exited race for congress.

April 5 - WISCONSIN District 6: Glenn Grothman (R) to run vs Congressman Tom Petri (R).

April 5 - SOUTH DAKOTA: Gordon Howie (R) will run for US Senate as an Independent (unless Tea Party candidate Stace Nelson wins GOP primary).

April 5 - NEW HAMPSHIRE: Walt Havenstein (R) to run vs Governor Maggie Hassan (D).

April 5 - MICHIGAN: Mark Schauer (D), Gubernatorial candidate, named Lisa Brown as his Lieutenant Governor runningmate.

April 3 - NEW YORK District 27: Jim O'Donnell (D) to run vs Congressman Chris Collins (R).

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How To Contact Your Elected Representatives

let your voice be heard in politics

Are you frustrated by partisan gridlock in Washington? Tired of nothing productive getting done day after day? Here's how you can write to your state or federal representatives and let your voice be heard.

1. Contact The President or Vice-President
2. Contact U.S. Senators
3. Contact U.S. House Of Representatives
4. Contact State Governors
5. Contact State Legislators

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