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2016 Primary & Caucus Election Results
We The People
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Election Races: Who's In. Who's Out.

February 10 - PRESIDENT 2016: Chris Christie (R) & Carly Fiorina (R) exit presidential race.

February 10 - LOUISIANA District 4: Mike Johnson (R) enters race for Congressman Fleming's open seat.

February 10 - NEW YORK: Congressman Chris Gibson (R) forms exploratory committee to run vs Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) in 2018.

February 10 - INDIANA: Governor Mike Pence (R) announced Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann (R) will resign; Eric Holcomb will replace her as LtGov & on ticket.

February 9 - CALIFORNIA District 33: Kenneth Wright (R) enters race vs Congressman Ted Lieu (D).

February 9 - MINNESOTA District 6: AJ Kern (R) to run vs Congressman Tom Emmer (R).

February 9 - INDIANA: Eric Holcomb (R) exited race for US Senate.

February 9 - VIRGINIA: District 4 Congressman Randy Forbes (R) will seek reelection in the open District 2. Federal Court redrew lines, made District 4 heavily Democratic seat.

February 9 - LOUISIANA District 3: Brett Geymann (R) enters race for Congressman Boustany's open seat.

February 8 - NORTH CAROLINA: March 19 congressional primaries thrown into chaos. Federal court invalidates district lines. Two districts were gerrymandered along racial lines by Republican-led General Assembly.

February 8 - LOUISIANA District 3: Brett Geymann (R) enters race for Congressman Boustany's open seat.

February 8 - MAINE District 2: Joe Baldacci (D) exits race vs Congressman Bruce Poliquin (R).


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Anonymous writes... "Once the Primary is over. If a candidate does not win in the party they ran in can he/she switch to lets say a different party like Libertarian or some other open party to run against the Republicans and Democrats in the run off?"
1 Answers
12.18.2015 · From JeffCohen
 Anonymous writes... "In states where the electorate is not bound by law to follow the popular vote, do the voters have any legal recourse in, for example, civil court or even federal court, to protest the electorate not following the popular vote?"
1 Answers
12.18.2015 · From JeffCohen
I am trying to find out who my local candidates are and information on them and what they stand for.  Where will I find this information?  I have checked my County web page and have not found what I am looking for.
0 Answers
09.11.2015 · From beejoy42
Anonymous writes... "Can you please answer me this. Why are federal elections held on the first Tuesday in November? What makes it so special and why was it chosen?"
1 Answers
06.08.2014 · From JeffCohen
Anonymous writes..."I don't understand the differences between a primary and a caucus. Also, what do conventions have to do with anything?"
1 Answers
06.08.2014 · From JeffCohen
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