What does it mean to be Left of Center, Liberal, Ultra-Liberal, Progressive?

Ideology: Left

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You are concerned with individual rights & liberties. You are often in favor of government intervention and government programs (pro-regulation). You lean toward the monitoring of business. You get excited by new government initiatives like sending man to Mars.

A left of center or "liberal" individual tends to philosophically believe in a majority of these political positions. It's not a perfect list, but generalizations of a liberal leaning philosophy:

> Abolition of the death penalty

> Believe in affirmative action

> Belief in reinstating the Fairness Doctrine

> Disapprove of teacher-lead prayer in classrooms & school sponsored religious events

> Equal opportunities for men and women in the military

> Favor equal opportunity & denial of gender differences

> Government-rationed & taxpayer-funded medical care (example: Universal Health Care Coverage)

> Government spends big on social programs (also higher taxes to fund these programs)

> Income redistribution (through progressive taxation)

> Legalizing abortion & pro-choice

> Legalizing same-sex marriages

> Oppose an American foreign policy of continuous intervention

> Oppose domestic wire-tapping & other intrusive acts (as authorized in the Patriot Act)

> Oppose full private property rights

> Support protection of our environment

> Support of labor unions

> Support Globalism ("one world government")

> Support obscenity and pornography as our First Amendment right

> Support teaching comprehensive sexual education programs in schools (as opposed to abstinence-only programs)

> Support a "Living Constitution" reinterpreted for modern times (not how it was originally written & intended)

> Support disarmament treaties

> Support gun control laws

> Support government programs to rehabilitate criminals in society

> Taxpayer-funded public education system


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