What does it mean to be a Neo-Conservative?

Ideology: Neo-Conservatism

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Neoconservatism emphasizes foreign policy as the paramount responsibility of government, seeing the American role of world's sole superpower as indispensable to establishing and maintaining global order. As neo-con godfather Irving Kristol once said, a neo-conservative is a ''liberal who was mugged by reality.'' Neo-cons generally originated on the left side of the political spectrum and some times from the far left.

A neo-conservative individual tends to philosophically believe in a majority of these political positions. It's not a perfect list, but generalizations of a neo-con leaning philosophy:

> Less skeptical of government than other conservatives

> Less worried about reducing the size of government

> Less enthusiastic about tax cuts

> More concerned about forging national crusades that can spread American patriotism and values or its desire for reform

> Extreme interventionism

> Extremely idealistic foreign policy

> Favor big defense budgets

> Emphasis on democracy building and spreading human rights and freedom

> Spread democracy and liberty where it doesn't exist currently

> Peace is to be distrusted, and peace processes are inherently suspect

> Enemies cannot be negotiated with

> When we have the ability to stop totalitarian regimes we should do so, because when we fail to do so, the results are catastrophic

> War is a natural state, and peace is a utopian dream that induces softness, decadence and pacifism

> Engagement in world affairs is absolutely indispensable in preventing catastrophe

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