What does it mean to be Right of Center, Conservative, Ultra-Conservative?

Ideology: Right

You resist change simply for the sake of change. You are cautious and pro-status quo. You invoke a "good steward" mentality and are careful with management of resources. You tend to be pro-business, anti-tax and anti-regulation.

A right of center or "conservative" individual tends to philosophically believe in a majority of these political positions. It's not a perfect list, but generalizations of a conservative leaning philosophy:

> Actively support a return of prayer in schools

> Believe in our Second Amendment 'Right to Keep and Bear Arms'

> Believe that parents (not schools or teachers) should educate children about sex

> Believe in a strong national defense

> Economic allocative efficiency (as opposed to popular equity)

> Endorse choice in education

> Endorse lower taxes & tax cuts (favoring the upper class)

> Favor the death penalty

> Favor stronger law enforcement and anti-crime laws

> Generally don't care much for the United Nations

> Oppose same-sex marriages

> Staunchly pro-life and want to stop abortions

> Support free enterprise

> Support limited government

> Support strong public morality

> Support laws against pornography & obscenities

> Support enforcement of current immigration laws

> Support private medical care & retirement plans

> Support tightening of our border security

> Want to open foreign markets to products made in the USA

> Want to weaken or eliminate failed social support programs


Try This, It's Fun:

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