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  •  Anonymous: 

    Brilliant idea electoral votes are justice for heartland of America,and if will need to fight another civil war we will.

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  •  Anonymous: 

    Who can i contact? i want my electoral vote to be for hillary!

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  •  Anonymous: 

    YOU, "guest", are the most foolish individual I've had the misfortune to read; WHAT MAKES YOU THINK A PURELY POPULAR VOTE WILL CAUSE SOME STATES TO BE IGNORED?!?!?!  The popular vote will simply be the cumulative of the NATION, not state by state!


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  •  Anonymous: 

    The Electoral College is the best idea our founding fathers ever had.  If we eliminate it, politicians would only go to the large states and ignore the smaller states.  In other words, about 80% of the states would never have any influence on elections.  This most definitely is not a stupid, outdated idea.  It is a brilliant idea.  Your comment about it is what is incredibly stupid!

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  •  Anonymous: 

     What biased lead question of Hillary is that,it is conviction beyond proof.Electors over 85% is not bad considering all misdeeds frought upon us by all parties.

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