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Didn't vote in primary. Can I still vote in general election?

Bob writes...

"if I don't vote in indiana primary, can I vote in general election?"


I get this question a lot!

'If I don't vote in the primary or caucus, can I vote in November's general election?'

Yes, you can still vote in November. And yes, you can also vote for whomever you want. Another question I get frequently is this: "do I have to vote for the candidate in the party I am registered to?" NO, you do not. Just because you are a registered Democrat, you do not have to vote for the Democratic candidate. Vice versa with Republican. You can vote for whomever you wish.

Voting in a primary or caucus is totally optional.

As long as you are registered to vote, you are OK!

Remember, register to vote before election day if you can. With voter laws in some states purposely being "modified" to make the process more difficult for some citizens, registering to vote well ahead of time is a brilliant idea.

Posted by JeffCohen on 05.05.2016 (05.05.2016)
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    Great  information. Thank you!

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  •  Anonymous: 

    If I already voted in the primaries do I vote again in the general election? And if the candidate I voted for in the primaries didn't win can i vote for someone else?

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  •  Anonymous: 

    Where can one find INFO on the race for Judges? Who are these people, and why is the INFO no where to be found?

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  •  Anonymous: 

    We are register voters in Farmington NM but now live in Carlsbad NM, do we have to re-register? What do we need to do?

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