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Why don't we have write-in votes?

Benny B writes...

"I wan't to know why we don't have write in votes. That's telling me I can't vote for my candidate. Neither nominee is good for America, but we're forced to vote Party lines that we disagree with or not vote at all. I'm really perturbed with the whole bunch of them."


We do have write-in candidates / votes! You may vote for whomever you wish on your ballot. Primaries are a little different depending on whether they are "open" or "closed" in your state, but you may still write-in your choice if he/she is not listed on your ballot. In the general election, you are NOT forced to vote according to party lines. If you disagree with your party's candidate, vote for (or write-in) anyone you wish.

Do NOT feel forced into voting for someone you don't want to. This is very important! I get this question A LOT. You DO have have the option to vote for whomever you want to. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Posted by JeffCohen on 08.02.2016 (08.02.2016)
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    My question is actually part of Anonymous's question: Who ARE the qualified Indiana write-in candidates for US President in 2016?

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  •  Anonymous: 

    I am concerned that if I write in a presidential candidate, my ballot will be thrown out (and my votes for local candidates will not be counted).  How can I assure that writing in a candidate will not invalidate my ballot?

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