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Will switching parties change how I can vote?

Cathy F. writes...

"I live in columbus, ohio i think i might be register as an independent. can i still vote republican without changing my status."


Yes, you can still vote Republican in the GENERAL ELECTION in November.

You can vote for anybody you wish once you step in the voting booth, no matter how you are registered.

I am registered Independent in Florida and vote for who I feel is the best candidate each general election (no matter which party they are associated with).

HOWEVER, as a registered independent you cannot participate in your state's republican primary (or caucus in other states).

Posted by JeffCohen on 01.26.2016 (01.26.2016)
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    Do I declare my political party affiliation when I register?

    No. Under Ohio election law, you declare your political party affiliation by requesting the ballot of a political party in a partisan primary election.

    If you do not desire to affiliate with a political party in Ohio, you are considered to be an unaffiliated voter. An unaffiliated voter does not vote the ballot of a political party in a primary election. However, an unaffiliated voter may vote the Official Questions & Issues Ballot, if there is one for the voter's precinct at the election.

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    Also from OH: What if you are a registered Dem., want to vote in the democratic primary for the presidential candidate, but wish to vote for a green party for your State House Rep or Senator, also in the primary?  Can this be done?  Would you need to ask for 2 ballots?

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