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Gerrymandering - It's Making Things Worse! How Do We Fix This? (Viewed 1530 times)
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What is gerrymandering?

It's setting political boundaries in a way that favors one party. It redraws electoral district lines to the advantage of a political party or group. In short: that new oddly shaped district increases the voting strength of a particular party or group thereby making a specific politician much more likely to win an election.

Our politicians in Washington DC and in state governments have been VERY busy redrawing political districts to favor their party winning elections in as many districts as they can.

Fortunately, in Florida, the court overturned newly gerrymandered districts. However, in many other cases NOTHING is being done about it at all.

Why is this an issue?

Because our political parties are making it virtually impossible for them to lose in an increasing number of districts.

Because the politicians who are winning gerrymandered districts are not necessarily representing the people of that district.

Because the approval rating of our Congress is in the range of a paltry 10%. 90% of the people in the country think they suck.

Because even with that pathetically low approval rating, having competitive elections to replace crummy politicians is no longer possible. Politicians know that even if they suck, their job is safe.

Gerrymandering = the rigging of elections.

So what do we do? What ideas and solutions do you have to make the government by the people, for the people and representative of the people once again?

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