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How Do We End Our 'For Profit' Prison System? (Viewed 3610 times)
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I find myself totally disgusted at the prison privatization taking place in our country.

Each new day brings me to a new level of anger.

At a recent house judiciary committee hearing "our nation now has the greatest number of prisoners of any country in the world. Nearly one in every 100 adults in America is in prision or jail."

That's 1 in every 100 adults.

Over 2 MILLION PEOPLE (2,239,751) are behind bars.


What makes this even more tragic and maddening is that our prison system has become "for profit." That's right, they are are in it for the money.

More prisoners = more revenue = stock price appreciation for shareholders.

This is utterly wrong in every way imaginable.

How many more judges are going to be convicted for taking bribes and incarcerating innocent individuals or sending people to prison longer so that these companies can make more money?

Something needs to be done about this.

John Oliver had a great video on this topic that you should watch.

Seriously, how do we fix this problem?

How much more out of control does this have to get before something changes?

When will our representatives in DC grow a pair of balls and stop this insanity?

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The federal prison population has actually dropped!

According to the Justice Department, the federal prison population has dropped by roughly 4,800 in the past year. It's the first time since 1980.

The current prison population is roughly 215,000 inmates.

In addition, internal figures from the Bureau of Prisons show a projected drop of more than 2,000 inmates in the next year, and nearly 10,000 in the year after.

Eric Holder quotes:

"This is nothing less than historic,"

"To put these numbers in perspective, 10,000 inmates is the rough equivalent of the combined populations of six federal prisons, each filled to capacity."

The crime rate has dropped along with the prison population, Holder said, proving that "longer-than-necessary prison terms" don't improve public safety. "In fact, the opposite is often true,"

"We know that over-incarceration crushes opportunity. We know it prevents people, and entire communities, from getting on the right track,"

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The True Cost : Why the Private Prison Industry is About so Much More Than Prisons

"Actual housing of convicts in prisons and jails is only one part--perhaps the smallest part--of the overall industry revenue stream. Private companies seek to pull profits from the moment someone is suspected of a crime to the final day they meet with a parole officer. Private industry transports prisoners, operates prison bank accounts, sells prescription drugs, prepares inmate food, and manages health care, prison phone and computer time. And that's just the start. The money comes from the taxpayer, in state and federal contracts, and the suspects, inmates, and parolees themselves, in fees and add-ons. Those caught in the web represent what marketers would call the ultimate “captive audience”: there is no way to shop around for a better deal.

“We’ve created a system to squeeze everything we can out of people, the vast majority of whom are poor,” said Alex Friedmann, activist and publisher of Prison Legal News.

Not disgusted enough, yet? Here's more...

"But private prison companies can prosper whether the incarceration rate expands or lowers, by controlling the other ends of the pipeline, from pre-trial supervision to post-prison re-entry. The greatest source of profits now comes from federal contracts to detain, transfer, and deport undocumented immigrants. The more toxic the immigration debate becomes, the more advantage for-profit corporations take."

[ Keep reading here until it makes you vomit. It gets worse!  ]

So how do we end this abhorrent, disgraceful for-profit prison system run by greedy, morally empty scumbags?

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