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How To Get Yourself On The Terrorist Watch List (Viewed 1317 times)
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In the last 5 years, over 1.5 million people have been added to the terrorist watch list.

Many are "false positives" like a 4 year old boy, college student and grandmother.

Some of the process is so flawed, that a federal judge recently ruled that the government must develop a new process under which individuals can challenge their inclusion on the no-fly list. The judge found the current process "wholly ineffective."

For those of you interested in this topic, The Intercept published a 166-page document outlining the government's guidelines for placing people on an expansive network of terror watch lists, including the no-fly list.

This document has a good intent and reasoning behind the process, but between the broad vagueness of the written document and way it's been implemented, it's a disaster. For instance, In 2013 alone, 468,749 watch-list nominations were submitted to the National Counterterrorism Center. It rejected only 1 percent of the recommendations. Seriously? Anyone see a problem? While scavenging the country and globe for terrorists, you are screwing up a lot of lives of innocent American citizens.

There must be a way to weed out the outrageous number of false positives while keeping us safe from the real threats and extremist nut jobs.

At least it details constitutionally protected activities (page 11), like me saying "this document and the satisfactory implementation of a true, accurate watch list has flat out sucked."
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