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How can I be more involved in political activism and get results? (Viewed 2487 times)
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This topic focuses on solutions on how to be more engaged in the political process, stand up for your beliefs and GET RESULTS.

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7 Ways to Be an Effective 21st-Century Political Activist

Listed below are 7 bullet points on what you can do and how best to do it. For a more thorough description of each, read and absorb the entire piece.

  • Give people small ways to change their behavior.
  • Make your movement into a lifestyle.
  • Make your claims relatable.
  • Use social media to activate disconnected individuals...
  • …But recognize the limitations of online activities.
  • Translate old learnings for today’s world.
  • Enact change on a broad scale by aspiring to elected office.

I encourage you to read this solutions piece if you are serious about starting a movement or stepping up to help others with theirs...and get results.

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