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ISIS / ISIL - Why Is It Always Our Problem? (Viewed 1264 times)
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First let me state that I do not like to see thugs, goons and terrorists kill innocent civilians in any part of the world and get away with it.

However, what is really pissing me off is in regards to ISIS.

Why is it that the US, Canada and European countries are willing to form a coalition to thwart ISIS while Middle Eastern countries continue to sit on the sidelines and twiddle their thumbs?

Ohhh, wait. The will provide their airspace for our planes. Sorry. < sarcasm >

This is in THEIR backyard, yet it once again it becomes us and our allies that have to get our hands dirty.


Many of these Middle Eastern countries either buy our military weaponry or have enormous oil money in their coffers to finance operations to stop terrorism and groups against their governments. Yet they wait for us. Then they complain when the shit goes bad.

They have the perfect opportunity to cut off all these cancers before they grow and span across the globe. Yet, they don't.

On this side of the pond, our military industrial complex loves it because long wars = huge profits.

But back to the real issue. These dictators and clans would rather keep their citizens poor, angry and jobless with no future. What other choice do the people have but for some of them to become extremist and go freakin' nuts. It's not going to end anytime soon.

What is the answer? Your ideas and solutions to this recurring and frustrating problem are welcome.

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