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Illegal Immigration: What's The Answer? (Viewed 2900 times)
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Illegal immigration to the United States is the act by which foreign nationals enter the US without government permission and in violation of US immigration law.

The illegal immigrant population of the US is estimated to be about 11-12 million people. Various other estimates range from 7 to 30 million.

Why are they coming here? Political oppression, extreme poverty, economic incentives in the US, slavery & servitude in their country, etc. The goal is they want a better life here in the US.

What’s the breakdown? Approximately 57% from Mexico; 24% from other Latin American countries, 9% from Asia; 6% from Europe and Canada; and 3% were from Africa and the rest of the world.

Something’s gotta give. This cannot continue. Our policies are a joke and our borders are more porous than Swiss cheese, yet our representatives in DC cannot agree on anything.

What are your thoughts and ideas for a solution to this illegal immigration problem?

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It's too easy to come into this country illegally, and too difficult to come in legally. The first phase of the solution is for the two opposing parties in government to stop their petty squabbling and work together. Next phase is to build a wall along the border. Not a chain link fence - a WALL. Order the border patrol to shoot to kill anyone and anything that tries to cross the wall. No exceptions. Next: Simplify the criteria for entering. Submit to a background check and physical then come on in. Once you're here, learn the language. Get a job. Pay some taxes. What's the problem?
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Re: Illegal Immigration: What's The Answer?
Reply #2 Posted on September 12, 2014
Joel H writes...

Immigration. This is a no brainer to me, which shows how our alleged representation in the federal government is basically clueless and just using people for partisan gain:  If you can’t come into a country legally, then how can you expect to be accepted as a legal resident?  Starting out a need or a legitimate want on a lie is not a foundation, just shifting sands and eventually a quagmire of resentment and distrust.  Yes, I get it, people come to America to escape persecution, abuse, or simply risk of death, but, don’t these seem to be equal outcomes by illegally entering this country that still harbors instinctual distrust and resentment due to perceived inequalities?

And, I am a firm believer that people who do the best in this country have as one of their foundations a system of people around them who are stable, supportive, and sympathetic.  Honestly, how many illegal immigrants/aliens who enter the US have a strong network like that who are reliable and consistent?  Surrounding yourself with others equally on shaky and unreliable ground are not going to be stable and sympathetic at the end of the day.Think about it!

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