What's The Fix?

Approval voting is a method of casting and counting votes not much different from what we do today, but subtly different to improve our chances of a favorable outcome.  Each person gets one ballot and votes for as many candidates as they like.  The candidate with the most votes wins.  This subtle change ends spoiler candidates - because you can vote for your first and second favorite.  And by doing this, it breaks the stranglehold that the two parties have on our present system - thereby making them pay more attention to the interests of everyone.  It also limits negative campaigning.

Yes, I Like It!

I learned something new. Thorough insight. Approval voting has it's pros and cons but I like the premise. Needs a little tweaking.

"By treating each candidate as a separate question, "Do you approve of this person for the job?" approval voting lets each voter indicate support for one, some, or all candidates. All votes count equally, and everyone gets the same number of votes: one vote per candidate, either for or against. Final tallies show how many voters support each candidate, and the winner is the candidate whom the most voters support."

Simply checking yes or no makes it super easy for a voter to understand.

Advocates predict that approval voting should increase voter participation, prevent minor-party candidates from being spoilers, and reduce negative campaigning.


However, critics argue that approval voting has three flaws that undercut it as a method of voting and political vehicle. They argue that it can result in the defeat of a candidate who would win an absolute majority in a plurality system, can allow a candidate to win who might not win any support in a plurality elections, and has incentives for tactical voting.

I think two BIG steps to reform our voting process is 1) remove all barriers for 3rd party candidates to run (even the playing field) and 2) eliminate these damn super delegates and unpledged delegates from the system altogether. If the governent/party elites don't like the outcome of a vote (or a particular candidate), it's their problem - not ours.

Posted on Jun 1st, 2016 5:24 PM by JeffCohen
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