What's The Fix?

Here is a novel idea: Instead of drawing districts according to race or political affiliation, draw them to encompass 1 or more counties. This would force candidates to run on the issues facing the State/nation and not who has the most republicans or democrats, or on race, etc. Just look at US house district 12, what a joke! 

Yes, I Like It!

I agree.

I believe the current state of redistricting is a complete and total farse. Both parties have the simple goal to make getting elected EASIER. They want districts to be won handily in a landslide. They want to run unopposed or have a 'david vs. goliath' scenario where it appears hopeless to run against them and win.

Forcing candidates to run on actual issues in their community, county or state has honestly become a foreign concept. It's all about the campaign war chests and having the POWER to return the favors while in office.

Redistricting to include 1 or more counties + include a diverse electorate in said districts is in everyone's best interest and a good idea.

Judicial intervention has, so far, had limited success in overturning racial or political redistricting. Many more of these "newly created districts" need to be challenged & redrawn to make them more fair again.

Posted on Feb 16th, 2016 11:49 AM by JeffCohen
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  •  ke4roh: 

    There are some great algorithms for fair districts.  We should work to institute those or non-partisan commissions as there are in California.  My main concern with completely blind districts is that it might be harder to get minority representatives elected, and it is good to have some minority representation.

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