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It works!  I use it in my daily comings and goings when passing/encountering all people, including all people of color and ancestry.  It's no big deal. Just be relaxed and have a casual smile and vibe as you pass. It's quite surprising that you often get the same back, although some are a bit surprised before they respond in kind. Sometimes there is even a nod of recognition or even a verbal greeting in passing.  Is that so much to ask of decent humans? I think a lot of folks have been willing to do that for quite a while. I worry that some folks have let the current divisiveness in our society turn us backwards and cause people to retract this kind of decency. I plan to keep it up.  Don't know what else to do.

The Problem: Racism. The Experiment: Will white people who observe positive nonverbal acts toward black Americans become less likely to perpetuate racial discrimination? At UC Berkeley, researchers conducted 4 experiments involving more than 300 (mostly) white college students. The experiment…
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06.28.2015 · From JeffCohen
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