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ke4roh commented on a the fix

There are some great algorithms for fair districts.  We should work to institute those or non-partisan commissions as there are in California.  My main concern with completely blind districts is that it might be harder to get minority representatives elected, and it is good to have some minority representation.

Here is a novel idea: Instead of drawing districts according to race or political affiliation, draw them to encompass 1 or more counties. This would force candidates to run on the issues facing the State/nation and not who has the most republicans or democrats, or on race, etc. Just look at US house…
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02.16.2016 · From jgrainger
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Approval voting is a method of casting and counting votes not much different from what we do today, but subtly different to improve our chances of a favorable outcome.  Each person gets one ballot and votes for as many candidates as they like.  The candidate with the most votes wins.  This subtle ch…
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05.29.2016 · From ke4roh
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