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March 23 - MICHIGAN District 1: Matt Morgan (D) to run vs Congressman Jack Bergman (R).

March 22 - HAWAII: Beth Fukumoto quits GOP, becomes Democrat; cites GOP's failure to condemn racism & sexism.

March 22 - INDIANA: Congressman Jim Banks (R) will not run vs US Senator Joe Donnelly (D).

March 22 - NEVADA District 2: Sharron Angle (R) to run vs Congressman Mark Amodei (R).

March 21 - NEW JERSEY: Joe Piscopo will not enter GOP race for Governor; is weighing possible Independent run.

March 20 - OHIO: Nan Whaley (D) to enter gubernatorial race "any day now," (WVXU). Congressman Jim Renacci (R) to run for Governor.

March 20 - MINNESOTA: Congressman Tim Walz (DFL) will enter open gubernatorial race "soon" (Minneapolis Star-Tribune). Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith (D) will not run to succeed retiring Governor Mark Dayton (D).

March 20 - ILLINOIS: Daniel Biss (D) enters race vs Governor Bruce Rauner (R).

March 20 - IOWA District 4: Dirk Deam (D) to run vs Congressman Steve King (R).

March 17 - ILLINOIS: J.B. Pritzker (D) to run vs Governor Bruce Rauner (R).

March 15 - SOUTH DAKOTA: Secretary of State Shantel Krebs (R) enters open congressional race. Congresswoman Kristi Noem is running for Governor.

March 14 - SOUTH CAROLINA District 5: Filing closed in special election for Congressman Mulvaney's seat.

March 14 - OHIO: Connie Pillich (D) enters open gubernatorial race.

March 14 - CALIFORNIA: David Hadley (R) launches exploratory committee for gubernatorial run; promises final decision within two months.

March 13 - OREGON District 2: Jim Crary (D) to run again vs Congressman Greg Walden (R).

March 11 - NORTH CAROLINA District 5: D.D. Adams (D) to run vs Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R).

March 10 - OKLAHOMA District 1: Kevin Hern (R) enters race for retiring Congressman Jim Bridenstine's seat.

March 10 - WISCONSIN: Tim Cullen (D) will launch run vs Governor Scott Walker (R) next month. Congressman Ron Kind (D) will not run for Governor.

March 9 - TEXAS District 3: Keith Self (R) enters race for retiring Congressman Sam Johnson's open seat.

March 9 - UTAH District 3: Kathryn Allen (D) to run vs Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R).

March 9 - CALIFORNIA District 49: Mike Levin (D) to run vs Congressman Darrell Issa (R).

March 8 - IDAHO District 1: Michael Smith (D) to run vs Congressman Raul Labrador (R); Labrador may vacate seat to run for Governor.

March 7 - WEST VIRGINIA: Booth Goodwin (D) considering making center-left primary run vs center-right US Sen Joe Manchin (D) - as per Politico.

March 7 - MONTANA: Greg Gianforte easily won GOP nomination for May 25 congressional special election.

March 7 - OHIO: Betty Sutton (D) enters open gubernatorial race.

March 6 - TENNESSEE: Randy Boyd (R) to run for Governor.

March 6 - COLORADO: Lew Gaiter (R) enters open gubernatorial race.

March 6 - RHODE ISLAND: Bobby Nardolillo (R) to run vs US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D).

March 5 - MONTANA: Rob Quist (D) wins Democratic nomination on 4th ballot for congressional special election.

March 3 - FLORIDA: Chris King (D) enters open gubernatorial race.

March 2 - CABINET: US Senate confirmed Rick Perry as Energy Secretary by a vote of 62-37. US Senate confirmed Ben Carson to be HUD Secretary by a 58-41 vote.

March 2 - KANSAS District 2: Vernon Fields (R) enters race for retiring Congresswoman Jenkins' open seat.

March 1 - SOUTH DAKOTA: Attorney General Marty Jackley (R) has changed the logos on his Facebook/Twitter pages to read "Jackley for Governor."

March 1 - IDAHO: Tommy Ahlquist (R) enters open gubernatorial race.

March 1 - MONTANA: Governor selects May 25th for special election for Congressman Zinke's open seat. Parties to pick nominees via conventions. Dems will select nominee at March 5th convention.

March 1 - GEORGIA: William Llop (R), running now in District 6 special election, has already filed FEC paperwork to run next year in District 11.

March 1 - IOWA District 3: Mike Sherzan (D) to run vs Congressman David Young (R).

March 1 - CALIFORNIA District 42: Julia Peacock (D) enters race vs Congressman Ken Calvert (R). District 48: Harley Rouda (D) to run vs Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R).

March 1 - MAINE District 1: Mark Holbrook (R) to run vs Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D).

March 1 - FLORIDA: Andrew Gillum (D) to run for Governor.

February 28 - OHIO: Congressman Tim Ryan (D) will not run for Governor next year. Joe Schiavoni (D) to launch run for Governor.

February 27 - CABINET: Senate confirms Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary.

February 27 - TENNESSEE: Karl Dean (D) enters the open gubernatorial race.

February 27 - OREGON: Secretary of State Dennis Richardson (R) will not run vs Governor Kate Brown (D) next year.

February 27 - KANSAS: Congressman Kevin Yoder (R) will not run for Governor, plans to seek reelection next year.

February 25 - DNC: Tom Perez elected DNC chair with 235 votes; Keith Ellison received 200.

February 24 - OKLAHOMA: Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett (R) will not seek 5th term next year; is looking at possible run for state office.

February 24 - HAWAII District 2: John Reiss (D) to run vs Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D).

February 23 - OKLAHOMA: Gary Richardson (R) launches run for Governor.

February 23 - MASSACHUSETTS: Dan Wolf (D) launching statewide listening tour in advance of likely gubernatorial run.

February 23 - KANSAS District 2: Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) will not run for open seat; still considering run for Governor.

February 23 - MONTANA: Scott Sales (R) exited race for congress.

February 23 - KANSAS: Carl Brewer (D) launches run for Governor.


February 21 - ALABAMA: Newly appointed Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) confirmed corruption investigation into Governor Bentley is continuing, however he is recusing himself. House Judiciary Chair Mike Jones (R) expects impeachment proceedings to resume; will likely be done by mid-May.

February 20 - ILLINOIS: Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D) will not run for Governor.

February 20 - CABINET: President Trump has named Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster as his National Security Adviser.

February 20 - CALIFORNIA District 32: Andre Quintero (D) files FEC paperwork to run for Congresswoman Grace Napolitano's (D) seat.

February 17 - NEW MEXICO: Mick Rich (R) to run vs US Senator Martin Heinrich (D).

February 16 - US SENATE: Votes 51-49 to confirm Congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) as US Office of Management & Budget Director.

February 16 - WISCONSIN: Congressman Sean Duffy (R) will not run vs US Senator Tammy Baldwin (D) next year.

February 16 - ILLINOIS District 6: Amanda Howland (D) to run vs Congressman Peter Roskam (R).

February 15 - KANSAS: Wink Hartman (R) to run for Governor.

February 15 - GEORGIA District 6: Filing closed today for special election for Congressman Price's seat.

February 15 - COLORADO: Victor Mitchell (R) enters open gubernatorial race.

February 14 - US SENATE: Confirmed Linda McMahon to lead Small Business Administration by 81-19 vote.

February 13 - CABINET: Mike Flynn has resigned his post as national security adviser. US Senate confirms David Shulkin for Veterans Affairs Secretary, Steve Mnuchin confirmed as Treasury Secretary.

February 13 - IOWA: Jon Neiderbach (D) to run for Governor.

February 13 - RHODE ISLAND: Term-limited Attorney General Peter Kilmartin (D) will take another year before deciding if he will run vs Governor Gina Raimondo (D).

February 13 - TEXAS: Congressman Joaquin Castro (D) will decide within the next 8 weeks whether he will run vs US Senator Ted Cruz (R) next year.

February 13 - SOUTH CAROLINA District 5: Chad Connelly enters race for Congressman Mulvaney's soon to be open seat.

February 13 - KANSAS District 4: James Thompson defeated Dennis McKinney for Democratic nomination for Congress by 21-18 vote at district convention.

February 11 - ALABAMA: Governor Robert Bentley has appointed ex-Marshall County District Attorney Steve Marshall (R) to be Attorney General.

February 11 - FLORIDA: State CFO Jeff Atwater (R) is resigning to become CFO of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

February 11 - GEORGIA District 6: Governor Deal fast-tracks special election. Filing deadline is next Wednesday. Primary April 18; Runoff (if nobody wins majority) June 20.

February 10 - CABINET: Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) confirmed for HHS Secretary by 52-47 vote. Special election for his open seat (Georgia District 6).

February 10 - MONTANA: Brad Molnar (Lib) seeking nomination for congressional special election.

February 10 - KANSAS District 4: Ron Estes (R) wins GOP nomination for congressional special election at district convention.

February 10 - GEORGIA District 6: Karen Handel (R) enters special election race for Congressman Tom Price's open seat.

February 9 - FLORIDA: Randolph Bracy (D) is considering running vs US Senator Bill Nelson (D) next year.

February 9 - NEVADA: Joe Heck (R) will not seek to recapture his old House seat in 2018.

February 9 - MICHIGAN: Detroit Health Director Abdul El-Sayed (D) is stepping down from his post, will run for Governor.

February 9 - NEW HAMPSHIRE: Caleb Dyer (R) quit the GOP and joined the Libertarian Party.

February 9 - UTAH District 3: Damian Kidd (R) to run vs Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R).

February 9 - ALABAMA: Governor Bentley chose Attorney General Luther Strange (R) to fill US Senate seat; will now pick new Attorney General. Strange was criminally investigating Bentley.

February 8 - CABINET: Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney General by 52-47 Senate vote.

February 8 - ILLINOIS: Chris Kennedy (D) to run vs Governor Bruce Rauner (R).

February 8 - LOUISIANA District 3: Josh Guillory (R) to run vs Congressman Clay Higgins (R).

February 7 - FLORIDA: Ronnie Bergeron (R) is considering run for Governor.

February 7 - CABINET: Betsy DeVos confirmed as US Education Secretary by 50-50 US Senate vote, with VP Pence breaking tie in favor of confirmation.

February 7 - SOUTH CAROLINA District 5: Tommy Pope (R) launches 2017 special election run for congress.

February 7 - GEORGIA District 6: Kelly Stewart (R) to run for Congressman Price's soon to be open seat.

February 7 - PENNSYLVANIA: Rick Saccone (R) files FEC paperwork to run vs US Senator Bob Casey (D). Congressman Pat Meehan (R) will not enter race.

February 6 - ILLINOIS: Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D) will decide within next 30 days on whether she will challenge Governor Bruce Rauner (R).

February 6 - MONTANA: Carl Glimm (R) enters race for Congressman Zinke's soon to be open seat.

February 5 - OKLAHOMA: Connie Johnson (D) enters open gubernatorial race.

February 3 - CABINET: Vincent Viola, Trump's nominee for Army secretary, withdrew his name from consideration (cites business conflicts).

February 3 - FLORIDA: Congressman Francis Rooney (R) will not run for Governor in 2018.

February 3 - SOUTH DAKOTA: Governor signs law repealing voter-adopted ethics law passed just last year.

February 3 - CALIFORNIA: "Stuttering John" Melendez (D) to run for US Senate.

February 2 - VIRGINIA: Congressman Dave Brat (R) will not challenge US Senator Tim Kaine (D) next year.

February 2 - GEORGIA District 6: Dan Moody (R) enters race for Congressman Price's soon to be open seat.

February 2 - SOUTH CAROLINA District 5: Brig Gen Tom Mulliken (R) enters race for Congressman Mulvaney's soon open seat.

February 2 - INDIANA: Mark Hurt (R) enters race vs US Senator Joe Donnelly (D).

February 1 - FLORIDA District 8: Dr Dena Grayson (D) files FEC papers to run vs Congressman Posey.

February 1 - ARIZONA: Congressman Paul Gosar (R) will seek reelection next year; will not run vs US Senator Jeff Flake (R).

February 1 - SCOTUS: President Trump nominates Appeals Court Judge Neil Gorsuch to be SCOTUS Justice.

January 31 - CABINET: US Senate confirmed Elaine Chao to be US Transportation Secretary.

January 30 - MICHIGAN: Congressman Fred Upton (R) may run vs US Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) in 2018.

January 30 - ARIZONA: Congressman Paul Gosar may challenge US Senator Jeff Flake.

January 30 - MASSACHUSETTS: Jay Gonzalez (D) enters race vs Governor Charlie Baker (R).

January 27 - SOUTH CAROLINA District 5: Kris Wampler (R) to run for Congressman Mulvaney's soon to be open seat.

January 27 - GEORGIA District 6: Bob Gray (R) to run for Congressman Price's soon to be open seat.

January 26 - MONTANA: Denise Juneau (D) will not run in special election for Congressman Zinke's open seat. Casey Schreiner (D) exited race. Greg Gianforte (R) enters race.

January 26 - KANSAS District 1: Tim Huelskamp (R) filed FEC paperwork to challenge Congressman Roger Marshall (R) in 2018 rematch.

January 26 - TENNESSEE: Beth Harwell (R), in precursor to Gubernatorial run, opens new designated 2018 campaign account.

January 26 - CALIFORNIA District 34: Governor Brown signed order calling congressional special election primary for April 4, general for June 6.

January 25 - SOUTH CAROLINA: The SC Senate unanimously elected State Senator Kevin Bryant (R) to fill the vacant Lieutenant Governor post.

January 25 - MISSOURI: Carl Edwards (R) told the AP he is considering a run vs US Senator Claire McCaskill (D) next year.

January 25 - KANSAS District 2: Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (R) will retire, will not run for Governor nor any other office in 2018. District 4: List of special election candidates (April 11, 2017) for Mike Pompeo's open seat. Parties will nominate by conventions.

January 25 - CABINET: White House says VP Mike Pence has named Colonel Andrea Thompson as his national security adviser.

January 25 - WHITE HOUSE: Katy French Talento named as new White House Health Policy Adviser.

January 24 - SOUTH CAROLINA: Governor Nikki Haley (R) confirmed to be UN Ambassador. Lt Gov Henry McMaster (R) becomes new Governor.

January 24 - MINNESOTA: Governor Mark Dayton (D), after collapsing during State of the State speech, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

January 23 - CABINET: Congressman Mike Pompeo confirmed as CIA Director by 66-32 vote.

January 23 - ALABAMA: Congressman Bradley Byrne (R) won't run in special election for US Senator Sessions seat.

January 23 - CABINET: President Trump picks Heather Wilson (R-NM) as new USAF Secretary.

January 20 - CABINET: Retired Marine Corps General James Mattis (defense secretary) and John Kelly (homeland security secretary) confirmed and sworn in.

January 19 - RNC: The RNC elected Ronna Romney McDaniel as the new National Chairwoman (replacing Chairman Reince Priebus).

January 19 - NEVADA: Congressman Mark Amodei (R) will not run in the open gubernatorial race next year.

January 18, - PRESIDENT-ELECT: Donald Trump names former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue (R) to be Agriculture Secretary.

January 18 - MINNESOTA District 5: Peggy Flanagan (DFL) filed FEC paperwork to run for Congressman Keith Ellison's seat ... IF Ellison is elected DNC Chair.

January 18 - SOUTH CAOLINA District 1: Tom Perez (R) launches run vs Congressman Mark Sanford (R).

January 18 - WISCONSIN: SuperPAC trying to draft Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (R) to run vs US Senator Tammy Baldwin (D) next year.

January 17 - CONNECTICUT: Tim Herbst (R) to run vs Governor Dan Malloy (D).

January 17 - IOWA: Tom Vilsack (D) accepted job as US Dairy Export Council CEO - meaning he won't run for Governor next year.

January 17 - COLORADO: Mike Johnston (D) enters open gubernatorial race.

January 17 - KANSAS District 4: Pete Meitzner (R) & Laura Lombard (D) enter congressional special election race.

January 17 - MONTANA: It appears Greg Gianforte (R) has lock for GOP nomination in congressional special election.