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<p>I am a 30-something technologist with a background in education, sales and entrepreneurship. I love politics because I truly believe that ideas can change the world. I am currently a moderate Republican but I have spanned the political spectrum over the years and I try to appreciate and respect all views and viewpoints as long as they are intelligently and respectfully stated.</p>
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As a Christian, I definitely care about social issues, probably more so and in a very different way than before I discovered my faith. I'm a homeowner and we want to start a family, so tax burden is an important issue for me. I'm also an entrepreneur, and I have a home-based business, so I'm interested in incentives and models that will help me live the lifestyle I want to live, not working for someone else, ultimately, but being a stay-at-home dad. As an educator and a life-long learner, I care very much about our standing in the world and our educational system. I also believe in having strong infrastructure and public institutions. My top issues change over time and I'd like to think that I'm always examining them and my own motivations.
I Love The USA Because...
This really is the greatest country in the world. I think I appreciate that now in a way I never did years ago. It's easy, depending on where you stand, to see all of the flaws in our history, in our systems, and in ourselves. However, I've come to really appreciate that if you are motivated, if you really do want to do well and create an extraordinary life for yourself and those you love, it's possible here. I believe that is the dream of our forefathers and I believe that the dream lives. I also think that we are smart and discerning enough to notice and care about where we fail to live up to our promises, and to keep pushing for a better, more fair and more prosperous nation that benefits us all.
The USA Is Broken Because...
I don't necessarily believe that our country is broken. I think that partisan gridlock really hurts our ability to get things done, and both parties are guilty of being narrow-minded and self-interested. Cynicism, resignation and non-participation are widespread and run rampant, and the less people who raise their voices, the easier it is for a broken system to persist. It's tough to get by economically in the middle class and a lot of people have been left behind. That being said, I really do believe that when push comes to shove, we can and will unite to solve our problems and move forward as a country. As messy as our democracy is, I believe it works and that we can work it for our betterment.
Our Founding Fathers Would Say...
I think they would be very surprised about some things and impressed with how long the principles on which our country was founded have persisted. I think they would be shocked at how strong and centralized our federal government is, given the struggle that was in their own time and since that, along with slavery, very nearly tore our country apart during the Civil War. I think they would be surprised at how large and diverse our country has become. I would be interested in what they would think about globalization and our relationship with the rest of the world, and fascinated to hear what they would think about how we should move forward as a nation.
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New Jersey
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