About Me

Let's get this party started with a hot lil nugget...

I believe that our country is being run by a ruinous bunch of self-serving sellouts.

There, I said it.


What a load off.

I know many of you reading this believe the same thing.


And this is a BIG however.

Huge, in fact.

However, and despite this ugly fact, I remain both hopeful and optimistic that a great awakening is upon us all.

And so with our shared future in mind, I created this website so you can gain every ounce of knowledge you require to help move our country forward together.

We've been purposely kept in the dark and distracted for way too long by clown show shenanigans.

But, time's up.

Wake up!

Open your mind. Expand your thinking. Learn all you can. And, most of all... participate.

Present ALL Americans with the necessary information vital to making smart, well-informed decisions.

Before you step into a voting booth, seize the opportunity to learn more about candidatesincumbents, and all the issues important to you in each election race.

For full disclosure, I am a registered independent voter (and have been since my 18th birthday).

Jeff Cohen ~ Founder