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 Thomas Jefferson

TEXAS District 10: Congressman Michael McCaul (R) to seek reelection next year, despite retirement rumors. District 13: Ronny Jackson (R) entered the open congressional seat. District 22: Pierce Bush (R) to run for the open congressional seat. https://uselections.com/tx/tx.htm

NEW YORK District 2: Pat Maher (D) enters the open seat congressional race. Andrew Garbarino (R) files FEC papers to run. https://uselections.com/ny/ny.htm

WISCONSIN District 1: Angela Cunningham (D) to enter the race vs freshman Congressman Bryan Steil (R). https://uselections.com/wi/wi.htm

NEW JERSEY District 11: Robert Crook (R) to run vs freshman Congressman Mikie Sherill (D). https://uselections.com/nj/nj.htm

VIRGINIA District 2: Scott Taylor (R) exits the US Senate race, enters the race vs freshman Congresswoman Elaine Luria (D). https://uselections.com/va/va.htm

GEORGIA District 14: Six-term Congressman Tom Graves (R) will not seek reelection next year. https://uselections.com/ga/ga.htm

MICHIGAN District 7: Gretchen Driskell (D) to run vs Congressman Tim Walberg (R). https://uselections.com/mi/mi.htm

NORTH CAROLINA: District 2: Congressman George Holding (R) will not seek reelection; cites the newly redrawn district lines. https://uselections.com/nc/nc.htm

WASHINGTON District 10: Congressman Denny Heck (D) announces his retirement next year. https://uselections.com/wa/wa.htm

MINNESOTA District 5: Antone Melton-Meaux (DFL) to run vs Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (DFL). https://uselections.com/mn/mn.htm

PRESIDENT 2020: Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) exited the Presidential race. https://uselections.com/pres.htm

MISSOURI District 2: Jill Schupp (D) to run vs Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R). https://uselections.com/mo/mo.htm

FLORIDA District 19: Heather Fitzenhagen (R) enters the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/fl/fl.htm

WISCONSIN District 7: The State Elections Board disqualified 5 of the 9 candidates who filed for the special congressional election. https://uselections.com/wi/wi.htm

NORTH CAROLINA: Garland Tucker (R) exited the race vs US Senator Thom Tillis (R). https://uselections.com/nc/nc.htm

MAINE District 2: John Hiatt (R) enters the race vs Congressman Jared Golden (D). https://uselections.com/me/me.htm

VIRGINIA District 5: Shadi Ayyas (D) enters the race vs freshman Congressman Denver Riggleman (R). District 7: Nick Freitas (R) enters the race vs freshman Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (D). District 10: Matt Truong (R) to run vs freshman Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D). https://uselections.com/va/va.htm


NORTH CAROLINA District 2: Deborah Ross (D) to run vs Congressman George Holding (R). District 13: Kathy Manning (D) to run vs Congressman Ted Budd (R). https://uselections.com/nc/nc.htm

CALIFORNIA District 50: Duncan Hunter (R) agreed to plead guilty to felony political corruption charges in federal court. Texas realtor Hunter Duncan (R) has filed FEC paperwork to enter the race vs Congressman Duncan Hunter (R).  https://uselections.com/ca/ca.htm

GEORGIA: Governor Brian Kemp (R) will appoint Kelly Loeffler (R) to the US Senate on Wednesday. Maya Dillard Smith (D) files FEC papers to run for US Senate. https://uselections.com/ga/ga.htm

FLORIDA District 19: Randy Henderson (R) enters the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/fl/fl.htm

COLORADO: State Senator Angela Williams (D) exited the race for US Senate, will instead seek reelection next year. District 3: Lauren Boebert (R) to run vs Congressman Scott Tipton (R). https://uselections.com/co/co.htm

ALABAMA: Secretary of State John Merrill (R) exited the race for US Senate. https://uselections.com/al/al.htm

TEXAS District 13: Asusena Resendiz (R) enters the open seat congressional race.  District 17: Elianor Vessali (R) and Todd Kent (R) enter the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/tx/tx.htm

NEW JERSEY District 1: Claire Gustafson (R) enters the race vs Congressman Donald Norcross (D). https://uselections.com/nj/nj.htm

NEW YORK District 1: Bridget Fleming (D) enters the race vs Congressman Lee Zeldin (R). District 17: Adam Schleifer (D) enteras the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/ny/ny.htm

MISSISSIPPI District 1: Antonia Eliason (D) enters the race vs Congressman Trent Kelly (R). https://uselections.com/ms/ms.htm


WASHINGTON: Tim Eyman (R) to run vs Governor Jay Inslee (D). https://uselections.com/wa/wa.htm

NEW JERSEY District 11: Jerry Langer (R) launched an exploratory committee to run vs Congressman Mikie Sherrill (D). Larry Casha (R) enters the race. https://uselections.com/nj/nj.htm

CALIFORNIA District 7: Jon Ivy (R) enters the race vs Congressman Ami Bera (D). https://uselections.com/ca/ca.htm

WISCONSIN District 6: Amy Washburn (D) enters the race vs Congressman Glenn Grothman (R). https://uselections.com/wi/wi.htm


NEW YORK District 2: Mike LiPetri (R) enters the open congressional race. https://uselections.com/ny/ny.htm


PENNSYLVANIA: Michael Lamb (D), Dennis Stuckey (R) & Tracie Fountain (D) all entered the open race for State Auditor General. https://uselections.com/pa/pa.htm

OREGON District 2: State Senator Cliff Bentz (R) will resign his senate seat in January; to focus full time on race for open congressional seat. https://uselections.com/or/or.htm

UTAH District 2: Ashley Jolin (D) enters the race vs Congressman Chris Stewart (R). https://uselections.com/ut/ut.htm

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