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John F. Kennedy

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We The People
2 days ago
JeffCohen wrote
MICHIGAN: Attorney General Bill Schuette (R) named Lisa Posthumus Lyons as his Lieutenant Governor runningmate. https://uselections.com/mi/mi.htm
2 days ago 1 likes 0 comments 0 comments
JeffCohen wrote
DELAWARE: Peggy Marshall Thomas (R) exited race for Attorney General; no reason given. The State GOP can name a replacement nominee for Sept 4 primary if Thomas files paperwork to formally withdraw (to date she has not). https://uselections.com/de/de.htm
2 days ago 1 likes 0 comments 0 comments
JeffCohen wrote
NEW MEXICO: Ex-Governor Gary Johnson accepted the Libertarian Party nomination for US Senate. https://uselections.com/nm/nm.htm
2 days ago 1 likes 0 comments 0 comments
5 days ago
JeffCohen wrote
NEW YORK District 27: Congressman Chris Collins (R) is expected to either accept nomination for some other office (even possibly on the Conservative Party line), or change his residency to DC or FL (he owns homes in both). Taking either of these actions will allow NYGOP to replace him on ballot. https://uselections.com/ny/ny.htm
5 days ago 1 likes 0 comments 0 comments
9 days ago
JeffCohen wrote
RHODE ISLAND: John Carnevale (D) pled guilty in a plea deal to felony perjury charge, with prosecutors dropping the other felony counts. Will serve 9 months house arrest, will also drop his comeback run this year for his former seat. https://uselections.com/ri/ri.htm
9 days ago 1 likes 0 comments 0 comments
JeffCohen wrote
NEW YORK: Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY) arrested by the FBI on securities fraud/insider trading felony charges. Two family members also arrested. Collins is currently seeking reelection. https://uselections.com/ny/ny.htm
9 days ago 2 likes 0 comments 0 comments
JeffCohen wrote
COLORADO: Tim Leonard (R) exited the race for reelection to a third term, saying he cannot earn enough money as a legislator to keep up with him alimony payments. https://uselections.com/co/co.htm
9 days ago 1 likes 0 comments 0 comments
14 days ago
JeffCohen wrote
MICHIGAN District 13: John Conyers III (Ind) was again disqualified from the ballot, now under the state's "sore loser" law. Officials say he already ran as a Democrat this year, although he was disqualified for turning in too many bad signatures, so cannot run now as Independent. https://uselections.com/mi/mi.htm
08.04.2018 3 likes 0 comments 0 comments
JeffCohen wrote
NEW MEXICO: State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn (Libertarian) exiting race for US Senator. https://uselections.com/nm/nm.htm
08.04.2018 1 likes 0 comments 0 comments
JeffCohen wrote
NEW HAMPSHIRE District 1: Bruce Crochetiere (R) exited race for this open congressional seat, cites unspecified family reasons. https://uselections.com/nh/nh.htm
08.04.2018 2 likes 0 comments 0 comments
25 days ago
JeffCohen wrote
GEORGIA: Secretary of State Brian Kemp won the GOP Gubernatorial runoff, defeating Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle by nearly a 40-point margin. https://uselections.com/ga/ga.htm
07.25.2018 1 likes 0 comments 0 comments
28 days ago
JeffCohen wrote
NEW YORK: Republicans have filed an objection with the State Board of Elections, seeking to disqualify Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D) from the ballot in his runs for Attorney General and reelection, saying he cannot simultaneously seek two offices. Ruling will come Aug 8. https://uselections.com/ny/ny.htm
07.21.2018 2 likes 0 comments 0 comments

Benny B writes... "I wan't to know why we don't have write in votes. That's telling me I can't vote for my candidate. Neither nominee is good for America, but we're forced to vote Party lines that we disagree with or not vote at all. I'm really perturbed with the whole bunch of them."
1 Answers
08.02.2016 · From JeffCohen
William writes... "Do Republican Primaries still take place, now that only 1 candidate remains? How does the whole process work now?"
1 Answers
05.05.2016 · From JeffCohen
Bob writes... "if I don't vote in indiana primary, can I vote in general election?"
1 Answers
05.05.2016 · From JeffCohen
Abe D. writes... "Jeff. What's the difference between an open primary and a closed primary? It's so bloody confusing! How do I get more info for rules & the process my state?"
1 Answers
02.20.2016 · From JeffCohen
Cathy F. writes... "I live in columbus, ohio i think i might be register as an independent. can i still vote republican without changing my status."
1 Answers
01.26.2016 · From JeffCohen
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