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FLORIDA District 3: Kent Guinn (R) enters the open seat race. https://uselections.com/fl/fl.htm

NEW JERSEY District 4: Tiffany Kaszuba (D) exited the race. https://uselections.com/nj/nj.htm

WASHINGTON District 10: Phil Gardner (D) to run for retiring Congressman Denny Heck's open seat. https://uselections.com/wa/wa.htm

MINNESOTA District 2: Erika Cashin (R) and Regina Barr (R) enter the race vs freshman Congresswoman Angie Craig (DFL). District 5: Dalia Al-Aqidi (R) enters the race vs freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (DFL). https://uselections.com/mn/mn.htm

PENNSYLVANIA District 4: Kathy Barnette (R) to run vs Congresswoman Madeleine Dean (D). https://uselections.com/pa/pa.htm

UTAH District 1: State Agriculture Commissioner Kerry Gibson (R) resigned his post and entered the race for the open congressional seat. https://uselections.com/ut/ut.htm

ARIZONA District 2: Jason Bacon (R) enters the race vs Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick (D). https://uselections.com/az/az.htm

NEW YORK District 19: Tony German (R) exited the race vs freshman Congressman Antonio Delgado (D). https://uselections.com/ny/ny.htm

GEORGIA District 14: John Cowan (R) enters the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/ga/ga.htm

NEW HAMPSHIRE District 1: Matt Mowers (R) enters the race vs freshman Congressman Chris Pappas (D). https://uselections.com/nh/nh.htm

INDIANA: Adam Krupp (R) to run vs Attorney General Curtis Hill (R). https://uselections.com/in/in.htm

WEST VIRGINIA: Richard Ojeda (D) to run vs US Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R). https://uselections.com/wv/wv.htm

MASSACHUSETTS District 4: Ben Sigel (D) enters the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/ma/ma.htm

CONNECTICUT District 3: Margaret Streicker (R) to run vs Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D). https://uselections.com/ct/ct.htm

PRESIDENT 2020: Cory Booker (D) exited the presidential race. https://uselections.com/pres.htm

INDIANA District 1: Melissa Borom (D) and Delano Scaife (R) enter the open seat congressional race. District 9: Andy Ruff (D) to run vs Congressman Trey Hollingsworth (R). https://uselections.com/in/in.htm

WYOMING: Merav Ben-David (D) enters the open seat US Senate race. https://uselections.com/wy/wy.htm

FLORIDA District 3: James St George (R) enters the race for retiring Congressman Ted Yoho's (R) open seat. District 26: Carlos Gimenez (R) to run vs freshman Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D). https://uselections.com/fl/fl.htm

PRESIDENT 2020: Marianne Williamson (D) exited the presidential race. https://uselections.com/pres.htm

MISSISSIPPI: Josh Randle (R) exited the race vs US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R). District 4: Robert Deming (R) enters the race vs Congressman Steven Palazzo (R). Primary candidate filing period is now closed in Mississippi. https://uselections.com/ms/ms.htm

CALIFORNIA District 50: Congressman Duncan Hunter (R) will resign his seat, effective January 13. He pleaded guilty to felony public corruption charges. The vacant seat will remain empty the rest of the year. Governor Gavin Newsom (D) will not schedule a special election. https://uselections.com/ca/ca.htm

VERMONT: Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman to run vs Governor Phil Scott (R). State Senate president pro tempore Tim Ashe (D) to run for open Lieutenant Governor seat. https://uselections.com/vt/vt.htm

WISCONSIN District 1: Roger Polack (D) enters the race vs freshman Congressman Bryan Steil (R). https://uselections.com/wi/wi.htm

VIRGINIA District 1: Kevin Washington (D) enters the race vs Congressman Rob Wittman (R). https://uselections.com/va/va.htm

NEW MEXICO: Mark Ronchetti (R) enters the open seat US Senate race. https://uselections.com/nm/nm.htm

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Councilman Jack Evans (D) resigns, effective January 17. He is the target of an FBI corruption probe plus was facing an imminent expulsion vote. https://uselections.com/dc/dc.htm

INDIANA: State Senator Eddie Melton (D) exited the race vs Governor Eric Holcomb (R); cites constant pressure to raise money. https://uselections.com/in/in.htm

PENNSYLVANIA: State Representative Scott Conklin (D) enters the open seat race for State Auditor General. District 8. Mike Marsicano (R) to run vs Congressman Matt Cartwright (D). https://uselections.com/pa/pa.htm

CONNECTICUT District 5: Ryan Meehan (R) to run vs freshman Congresswoman Jahana Hayes (D). https://uselections.com/ct/ct.htm


MARYLAND: State Comptroller Peter Franchot (D) will run for Governor in 2022. Incumbent Governor Larry Hogan (R) is term-limited. https://uselections.com/md/md.htm

TENNESSEE District 1: Congressman Phil Roe (R) will not seek reelection this year. John Clark (R) is the first to enter this open seat race. No Democrat has won this district since 1878. District 5: Keeda Haynes (D) to run vs Congressman Jim Cooper (D). https://uselections.com/tn/tn.htm

KANSAS District 2: Topeka Mayor Michelle De La Isla (D) will challenge Congressman Steve Watkins (R). https://uselections.com/ks/ks.htm

FLORIDA District 3: Gavin Rollins (R) enters the open seat congressional race. District 19: State Representative Byron Donalds (R) enters the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/fl/fl.htm

MINNESOTA District 2: Tyler Kistner (R) to run vs freshman Congresswoman Angie Craig (R). https://uselections.com/mn/mn.htm


MICHIGAN District 5: Tim Kelly (R) to run vs Congressman Dale Kildee (D). https://uselections.com/mi/mi.htm

GEORGIA District 14: Clayton Fuller (R) enters the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/ga/ga.htm

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