Investigate Your Reps 3: AI Prompt Guide to Federal, State, Local Leaders

These AI prompts delve into your Rep's policy proposals, qualifications, and vision for the country. Explore their communication style, fundraising strategies, and performance in polls and debates. Discover how they address pressing issues and interact with other politicians. Uncover their personal background, strengths, and weaknesses, shaping their reputation and effectiveness as a leader.

AI Prompt Series: Investigate Your Reps: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Rep vs. Rep

Note: Simply replace POLITICIAN (below) with the name of the politician.


What are POLTICIAN’s main policy proposals and how do they compare to their opponents?

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What are POLTICIAN’s qualifications, experience, and achievements in their previous roles?

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What are POLTICIAN’s values, principles, and vision for the future of the country?

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How does POLTICIAN communicate with the public and the media? What are their strengths and weaknesses as a speaker and a leader?

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How does POLTICIAN raise and spend money for their campaign? Who are their major donors and supporters?

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How does POLTICIAN perform in polls, debates, and elections? What are their chances of winning and what are the key factors that influence their popularity?

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How does POLTICIAN address the current issues and challenges facing the country and the world? What are their views on topics such as health care, immigration, economy, environment, foreign policy, etc.?

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How does POLTICIAN interact with other politicians and parties? What are their alliances and conflicts, and how do they affect their agenda and decision-making?

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How does POLTICIAN represent and respond to the needs and interests of their constituents and the general public? What are their main demographics and how do they appeal to different groups of voters?

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What are POLTICIAN’s personal background, history, and character? What are their strengths and weaknesses, and how do they affect their performance and reputation?

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AI Image prompt: please create an image using classic symbolism of a private detective (e.g. magnifying glass) with a USA style red, white and blue color scheme in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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Remember, it’s important to cross-reference information from multiple sources to ensure accuracy. These early stage AI's can generate biased or incomplete responses. Have fun! 😃

Election Day: A Tuesday in November?

Please explain why federal elections in the United States are held on the first Tuesday of November. What is the historical significance of this day and why was it chosen for elections?
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Thomas Jefferson
"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

- Thomas Jefferson

Who can I vote for?

In the United States, is it mandatory to vote for the candidate of the political party I am registered with?
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Order of Succession?

Please explain the order of succession in the United States if the President dies, becomes incapacitated, or is otherwise unable to complete their term of office.
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John Adams
"Because power corrupts, society's demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases."

- John Adams

Switching Parties & Voting

In the United States, how does changing my political party affiliation affect my voting rights in primary elections, caucuses, and general elections? Please provide details for each type of election.
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