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Explore an in-depth, detailed profile of your representative, covering their educational background, professional experience, party affiliation, policy positions, views on key issues, achievements, controversies, advisors, donors, poll performance, foreign policy stance, endorsements, and voting record. Get informed and make an empowered choice with these AI prompts.

AI Prompt Series: Investigate Your Reps: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Rep vs. Rep

Note: Simply replace POLITICIAN (below) with the name of the politician.

10 Prompts

Biographical Information: 

Research and provide a detailed biography of POLITICIAN, including their full name, age, educational background, professional experience, political career, and any notable achievements or controversies.

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Political Affiliation and Ideology:

Identify and analyze POLITICIAN's political party affiliation, ideological beliefs, voting record (if applicable), and alignment with major political movements or factions within their party.

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Campaign Platform and Priorities:

Investigate and outline POLITICIAN's campaign platform, key policy priorities, and proposed solutions to major issues such as healthcare, education, economy, immigration, climate change, and social justice.

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Campaign Funding and Support:

Explore POLITICIAN's campaign finance details, including sources of funding, major donors or contributors, fundraising strategies, and any financial disclosures or transparency measures implemented by the campaign.

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Public Image and Perception: 

Analyze public opinion polls, media coverage, and voter sentiment regarding POLITICIAN. Evaluate their public image, strengths, weaknesses, controversies, and how they are perceived by different demographics and political groups.

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Debates and Public Speaking:

Assess POLITICIAN's performance in debates, public forums, and interviews. Evaluate their communication skills, ability to articulate ideas, handle challenging questions, and connect with diverse audiences.

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Endorsements and Coalitions:

Identify and analyze endorsements received by POLITICIAN from political figures, organizations, interest groups, and community leaders. Evaluate the diversity and strength of their support base and any coalitions they have formed.

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Campaign Strategy and Ground Game:

Research POLITICIAN's campaign strategy, ground game efforts, field operations, volunteer mobilization, digital outreach, advertising tactics, and engagement with grassroots activists and volunteers.

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Campaign Promises vs. Feasibility:

Examine the feasibility and potential impact of POLITICIAN's campaign promises and proposals. Consider their practicality, legislative hurdles, budgetary implications, and the likelihood of implementation if elected.

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Overall Assessment and Outlook:

Provide an overall assessment of POLITICIAN based on the research findings, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, leadership qualities, policy expertise, electability factors, and the potential impact of their candidacy on the political landscape.

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AI Image prompt: please create an image using classic symbolism of a private detective (e.g. magnifying glass) with a USA style red, white and blue color scheme in a 16:9 aspect ratio.