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Directory of Kansas elections. Kansas candidates for Governor, state reps and Congress (Senators / House of Representatives). KS caucus and election races. Voting info. Political parties. State election office.

kansas election congressional districts

Election, Primary, Caucus & Filing Dates:

State Primary: August 7, 2018
Filing Deadline:
  ~ June 1, 2018 (Party Candidates)
  ~ TBD

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Voter Information:

For eligibility & identification requirements, dates, deadlines, voting materials, contact info and more: [ click here ].
All important election dates & deadlines for voters: [ click here ].
Poll Opening & Closing Times:

In the state of Kansas, most polls are open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Central Time as Kansas mandates in its state laws that the polls must be open a minimum of twelve (12) hours. Counties may open the polls earlier and close them later. Kansas is divided between Central and Mountain time zones.

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2018.

Kansas Governor & Lieutenant Governor:
Jeff Coyler (R) | Campaign Website
& Tracey Mann (R) | Campaign Website

Election Race Candidates:

  • Jim Barnett (R)
    ~ Physician, Ex-State Senator
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated
  • Kris Kobach (R) 
    ~ Secretary of State, Attorney, Ex-State GOP Chair, Ex-Overland Park City Councilman
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated
  • Patrick Kucera (R) 
    ~ Businessman, Evangelist 
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated

  • Ethan Randleas (R) 
    ~ High School Student 
    & Cameron Tims (R) 
    ~ High School Student
  • Tyler Ruzich (R)
    ~ High School Student
    & Calvin Tran (R)
    ~ High School Student
  • Dominic Scavuzzo (R)
    ~ High School Student
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated
  • Ken Selzer (R) 
    ~ State Insurance Commissioner, Accountant
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated
  • Joseph Tutera Jr. (R) 
    ~ High School Student
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated

  • Arden Andersen (D) 
    ~ Physician, Agricultural Consultant, USAF Reserve Colonel
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated
  • Jack Bergerson (D)
    ~ High School Student 
    & Alexander Cline (D) 
    ~ High School Student
  • Carl Brewer (D) 
    ~ Ex-Wichita Mayor, Ex-City Councilman, Ex-Aerospace Executive, National Guard Veteran
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated
  • Laura Kelly (D) 
    ~ State Senator, Recreational Therapist
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated

  • Robert Klingenberg (D)
    ~ Salesman
    & Kalib Martin (D)
    ~ Retail Store Employee
  • Josh Svaty (D)
    ~ Farmer, Ex-State Agriculture Secretary, Ex-EPA Official, Ex-State Representative
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated
  • Jim Ward (D) 
    ~ State House Minority Leader, Attorney, Ex-State Senator, Ex-Wichita City Councilman
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated
  • Richard Kloos (Independent) 
    ~ Minister, Non-Profit Thrift Store Founder, Real Estate Agent
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated
  • Greg Orman (Independent)
    ~ Businessman
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated
  • JoeLarry Hunter (Independent)
    ~ Repeat Felon, Recently Release Prison Inmate
    & Runningmate Not Yet Designated

Kansas Lieutenant Governor:
Tracey Mann (R)

(Note: Governor and Lt. Governor candidates run together on tickets in the primary.)

Kansas Secretary Of State:
Kris Koback (R)
* Candidate for Governor in 2018.

Election Race Candidates:

Kansas Attorney General:
Derek Schmidt (R) | Campaign Website

Kansas State Treasurer:
Jacob LaTurner (R) | Campaign Website

Kansas State Insurance Commissioner:
Ken Selzer (R)
* Candidate for Governor in 2018. 

Election Race Candidates:

Kansas State Legislature:

Kansas Legislature
Kansas has 40 State Senate members: 9 (Democrats), 31 (Republicans).
Length of term: 4 years.
House of Representatives
Kansas has 125 State House members: 40 (Democrats), 85 (Republicans).
Length of term: 2 years

kansas state seal

2018 | On Your Ballot:

See the 2018 Kansas Races, Court Judges & Ballot Measures you will be voting on: [ click here ].
- Includes all your federal, state and local races.
Type in your address, then click "Check My Races." This will list everything to appear on your ballot this year.

What's My District?

To see which US Congressional district you live in: [ click here ].
What are my local districts? Visit your county, parish, city or town websites: [ click here ].


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U.S. Senators:
(Terms are 6 years in length)

Pat Roberts (R) | Campaign Website
Has been in office since: 1997
* Next Election in 2020.

Jerry Moran (R) | Campaign Website   
Has been in office since: 2011
* Next Election in 2022.


U.S. House Of Representatives:
(Terms are 2 years in length)

District 1:
Roger "Doc" Marshall (R) | Campaign Website
Has been in office since: 2017

District 2:
Lynn Jenkins (R)
* Retiring in 2018.

Has been in office since: 2009

2nd District Candidates:

District 3:
Kevin Yoder (R) | Campaign Website  
Has been in office since: 2011

3rd District Candidates:

District 4:
Ron Estes (R) | Campaign Website
Has been in office since: 2017

4th District Candidates:


kansas state flag



Kansas Election Office:

Kansas Elections Division
(Get voter registration & information. Polling places and times. Absentee voting. Ballot measures. District maps. Kansas election FAQ.)

Kansas Political Parties:

Kansas Democratic Party
Libertarian Party of Kansas
Party of the Center
Kansas Reform Party
Kansas Republican Party
Socialist Party of Kansas

Find Your Home Town | Localized Kansas Election Information:

Find Your Home Town: Cities, Towns and County Directory

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