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Directory of Minnesota elections. Minnesota candidates for Governor, state reps and Congress (Senators / House of Representatives). MN caucus and election races. Voting info. Political parties. MState election office.

minnesota election congressional districts

Election, Primary & Filing Dates:

State Primary: August 14, 2018
Filing Deadline: June 5, 2018
Precinct Caucuses: February 6, 2018 
State Conventions: June 2018

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Voter Information:

For eligibility & identification requirements, dates, deadlines, voting materials, contact info and more: [ click here ].
All important election dates & deadlines for voters: [ click here ].
Poll Opening & Closing Times:

In the state of Minnesota, most polling places are open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM Central Time. However, municipalities with fewer than 500 registered voters may open polling places as late as 10 a.m.

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2018.

Minnesota Governor & Lieutenant Governor:
Mark Dayton (DFL)
* Retiring / Term-Limited in 2018. 

Tina Smith (DFL)
* Retiring in 2018.

Election Race Candidates:

  • Erin Murphy (DFL) 
    ~ State Representative, Ex-State House Majority Leader, MN AFL-CIO Board Member, Ex-Nurse
    & Runningmate Not Yet Named 
  • Rebecca Otto (DFL) 
    ~ State Auditor, Ex-State Representative, Ex-Forest Lake School Board Member 
    & Runningmate Not Yet Named 
  • Tim Walz (DFL) 
    ~ Congressman, Ex-Teacher, Retired National Guard NCO
    & Peggy Flanagan (D) 
    ~ State Representative, Political Organizer

  • Bob "Again" Carney (R) 
    ~ Non-Profit Consultant
    & Runningmate Not Yet Named 

  • Christopher Chamberlin (R) 
    ~ Chaplain, Ex-Telemarketer
    & Runningmate Not Yet Named 

  • Jeff Johnson (R) 
    ~ Hennepin County Commissioner, Attorney, Ex-State Representative
    Donna Bergstrom (R) 
    ~ Businesswoman, Retired USMC Officer
  • Mathew Kruse (R) 
    ~ Self-Employed
    & Runningmate Not Yet Named

  • Lance Johnson (R) 
    ~ Attorney, Ex-State Commerce Secretary
    & Runningmate Not Yet Named 
  • Phillip Parrish (R) 
    ~ Teacher, Naval Reserve Officer, Afghanistan War Veteran
    & Runningmate Not Yet Named 
  • Tim Pawlenty (R) 
    ~ Ex-Governor, Ex-State House Majority Leader
    & Runningmate Not Yet Named 
  • Ole Savior (R) 
    ~ Artist
    & Runningmate Not Yet Named 

  • Mary Giuliani Stephens (R) 
    ~ Woodbury Mayor, Attorney 
    Jeff Backer (R) 
    ~ State Representative, Ex-Browns Valley Mayor, Ex-School Board Member
  • Jeffrey Wharton (R) 
    ~ Farmer, Ex-Metal Fabricator
    & Runningmate Not Yet Named

  • Jenny Rhoades (IP) 
    ~ City Public Works Employee
    & Runningmate Not Yet Named

  • Josh Welter (Libertarian) 
    & Mary O'Connor (Libertarian)

Minnesota Secretary Of State:
Steve Simon (DFL) | Campaign Website

Minnesota Attorney General:
Lori Swanson (DFL) | Campaign Website

Election Race Candidates:

Minnesota State Auditor:
Rebecca Otto (DFL)
* Candidate for Governor in 2018.

Election Race Candidates:

Minnesota State Legislature:

Minnesota Legislature
DFL Caucus | Republican Caucus
Minnesota has 67 State Senate members: 33 (Democrats), 34 (Republicans).
Length of term: 4 years.
House of Representatives:
DFL Caucus | Republican Caucus
Minnesota has 134 State House members: 57 (Democrats), 77 (Republicans).
Length of term: 2 years.

minnesota state seal

2018 | On Your Ballot:

See the 2018 Minnesota Races, Court Judges & Ballot Measures you will be voting on: [ click here ].
- Includes all your federal, state and local races.
Type in your address, then click "Check My Races." This will list everything to appear on your ballot this year.

What's My District?

To see which US Congressional district you live in: [ click here ].
What are my local districts? Visit your county, parish, city or town websites: [ click here ].


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U.S. Senators:
(Terms are 6 years in length)

Amy Klobuchar (DFL) | Campaign Website
Has been in office since: 2007
* Next Election in 2018.

Senate Candidates:

  • Robert Bamheiser (R) 
    ~ Businessman, Ex-Minister, Ex-Firefighter 
  • Nikolay Bey (R)
    ~ Business Consultant
  • Forest Hyatt (R)
    ~ Businessman, GOP Activist 
  • Jim Newberger (R) 
    ~ State Representative, Paramedic, Tea Party Activist
  • Jack Shepard (R) 
    ~ Dentist, Fugitive Felon Living in Italy, USAF Veteran
  • Harold Shudlick (R)
    ~ Retired Army Chaplain
  • Paula Overby (Green) 
    ~ Technology Analyst

Tina Smith (DFL) | Campaign Website
Has been in office since: 2018

* Next Regular Election in 2020.

Senate Candidates:


U.S. House Of Representatives:
(Terms are 2 years in length)

District 1:
Tim Walz (DFL) | Campaign Website  
Has been in office since: 2007
* Candidate for Governor in 2018.

1st District Candidates:

District 2:
Jason Lewis (R) | Campaign Website
Has been in office since: 2017

2nd District Candidates:

District 3:
Erik Paulsen (R) | Campaign Website  
Has been in office since: 2009

3rd District Candidates:

District 4:
Betty McCollum (DFL) | Campaign Website  
Has been in office since: 2009

4th District Candidates:

  • Fasil Moghul (DFL)
    ~ Property Manager, Ex-Retail Store Manager 
  • Greg Ryan (R) 
    ~ Plumbing Store Owner

District 5:
Keith Ellison (DFL) | Campaign Website  
Has been in office since: 2007

5th District Candidates:

District 6:
Tom Emmer (R) | Campaign Website  
Has been in office since: 2015

6th District Candidates:

District 7:
Collin Peterson (DFL) | Campaign Website  
Has been in office since: 1991

7th District Candidates:

District 8:
Rick Nolan (DFL)
* Retiring in 2018. 

Has been in office since: 2013

8th District Candidates:


minnesota state flag



Minnesota Election Office:

Division of Elections
(Get voter registration & information. Polling places and times. Absentee voting. Ballot measures. District maps. Minnesota election FAQ.)

Minnesota Political Parties:

Communist Party of Minnesota
Constitution Party of Minnesota
Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL)
Green Party of Minnesota
Independence Party of Minnesota (IP)
Legalize Marijuana Now Party
Libertarian Party of Minnesota
Republican Party of Minnesota
Veterans Party of Minnesota

Find Your Home Town | Localized Minnesota Election Information:

Find Your Home Town: Cities, Towns and County Directory

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