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How Do I Register To Vote?

   Register to vote here (!

U.S. Election Assistance Commission

   Highly recommended website ( Got voter or voting questions? Find your answer here.

How Do I Know If I Am Already Registered To Vote?

   Visit NASS (National Association of Secretaries of State) and click on "voter registration status."

I've Moved. Do I Need To Re-Register To Vote?

   Yes. Contact the election office in your state if you've changed addresses. You'll need to complete a voter registration form with your new address. I list "election offices" near the bottom of each state's page. Simply click here, then click on your state and scroll down.

What Are My State's Voter Laws & Registration Deadlines?

   Click here for the U.S. Vote Foundation. Super helpful website!

Where Do I Go To Vote?

   Click here to find your polling place.

What Identification Must I Bring With Me When I Vote?

   Click here to see what ID you must bring with you.

How Do I Vote Absentee (For Active-Duty Members Overseas & US Citizens Living Outside the United States)?

   Click here.

How Do I Vote Absentee (If I Still Live In The U.S.)? Example: Away At College, etc...

   Click here.

If I Want To Vote in a Primary, Do I Have To Be Registered First?

   Yes, click here.

If I Want To Vote in a Primary, Do I Have To Register With A Political Party First?

   Generally, Yes. Qualifications to vote in a primary vary by state and by party. Make sure to register before the deadline. Click here, then click on your state to see registration deadlines plus how to register online.

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