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UTAH: Jan Garbett (R) enters the open gubernatorial race.

WISCONSIN District 7 SPECIAL ELECTION: Tom Tiffany (R) defeated Jason Church (R) in Tuesday's primary; will face Tricia Zunker (D) in the May 12 special general election.

MASSACHUSETTS: Kevin O'Connor (R) enters the race vs US Senator Ed Markey (D).

MICHIGAN District 3: Nick Colvin (D) exits the race vs Congressman Justin Amash (I).

GEORGIA District 9: Ethan Underwood (R) enters the open seat congressional race.

WYOMING: Robert Short (R) enters the open seat US Senate race.

UTAH District 1: Blake Moore (R) enters the open seat congressional race.

IDAHO District 2: Aaron Swisher (D) to run vs Congressman Mike Simpson (R).

NEW JERSEY: Stuart Meissner (R) exited the race vs US Senator Cory Booker (D). District 5: State Assemblyman Bob Auth (R) exited the race vs Congressman Josh Gottheimer (D).

MASSACHUSETTS District 6: John Paul Moran (R) to run vs Congressman Seth Moulton (D).

MINNESOTA District 8: Gaylene Spolarich (DFL) to run vs freshman Congressman Pete Stauber (R).

VERMONT: Patrick Winburn (D) enters the race vs Governor Phil Scott (R).

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