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"A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."

 John F Kennedy

OKLAHOMA District 2: Joseph Silk (R) will challenge Congressman Markwayne Mullin (R). https://uselections.com/ok/ok.htm

NEW YORK District 17: David Buchwald (D) enters the race for retiring Congresswoman Lowey's open seat. https://uselections.com/ny/ny.htm

MASSACHUSETTS: Steve Pemberton (D) exits the US Senate race following Congressman Joe Kennedy's entrance into it. https://uselections.com/ma/ma.htm

KANSAS District 1: Troy Waymaster (R) enters the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/ks/ks.htm

WISCONSIN District 7: Tricia Zunker (D) & Lawrence Dale (D) enter the open seat special election. https://uselections.com/wi/wi.htm

TEXAS District 11: Richard Bartlett (R) exited the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/tx/tx.htm

LOUISIANA: Governor John Bel Edwards (D), 47%, forced into a runoff with Eddie Rispone (R), 27%. Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin (R), 41%, forced into a runoff with Gwen Collins-Greenup (D), 34%. In all other statewide contests, the incumbents won outright. https://uselections.com/la/la.htm

CALIFORNIA District 8: Tim Donnelly (R) enters the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/ca/ca.htm

ARIZONA District 1: Nolan Reidhead (R) enters the race vs Congressman Tom O'Halleran (D). https://uselections.com/az/az.htm

COLORADO: Alice Madden (D) exited race for US Senate. District 1: Crisanta Duran (D) exited the race vs Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D). https://uselections.com/co/co.htm

ILLINOIS District 6: Evelyn Sanguinetti (R) exited the race vs freshman Congressman Sean Casten (D). https://uselections.com/il/il.htm

MICHIGAN District 6: Elena Oelke (R) to run vs Congressman Fred Upton (R). District 10: Shane Hernandez (R) enters the race for retiring Congressman Mitchell's open seat. https://uselections.com/mi/mi.htm

NEW HAMPSHIRE District 2: Lynne Blankenbeker (R) to run vs Congresswoman Annie Kuster (D). https://uselections.com/nh/nh.htm

KANSAS: Nancy Boyda (D) exited the race for open US Senate seat. https://uselections.com/ks/ks.htm

OHIO District 14: Hillary O’Connor Mueri (D) to run vs Congressman Dave Joyce (R). https://uselections.com/oh/oh.htm

NEW YORK District 17: Nita Lowey (D) will retire in 2020. https://uselections.com/ny/ny.htm

FLORIDA District 20: Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (D) to run vs Congressman Alcee Hastings (D). https://uselections.com/fl/fl.htm

TEXAS District 11: JD Faircloth (R) enters the open seat congressional race. District 24: Desi Maes (R) enters the race for retiring Congressman Marchant's open seat. https://uselections.com/tx/tx.htm

NEW JERSEY: Rik Mehta (R) enters the US Senate race vs Cory Booker (D). https://uselections.com/nj/nj.htm

ARIZONA District 6: Karl Gentles (D) enters the race vs Congressman David Schweikert (R). https://uselections.com/az/az.htm

INDIANA District 5: Beth Henderson (R) enters the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/in/in.htm


WISCONSIN District 6: Jessica King (D) enters the race vs Congressman Glenn Grothman (R). https://uselections.com/wi/wi.htm

PENNSYLVANIA District 5: Joe Billie (R) to run vs Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (D). District 7: Lisa Scheller (R) to run vs freshman Congresswoman Susan Wild (D). District 8: Harry Haas (R) enters the race vs Congressman Matt Cartwright (D). District 16: Kristy Gnibus (D) to run vs Congressman Mike Kelly (R). https://uselections.com/pa/pa.htm

CALIFORNIA District 21: Ruben Macareno (I) to run vs freshman Congressman TJ Cox (D). David Valadao (R) also running. https://uselections.com/ca/ca.htm

NORTH CAROLINA: Wayne Goodwin (D) to run vs State Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey (R). https://uselections.com/nc/nc.htm

UTAH District 1: Mark Shepherd (R) enters the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/ut/ut.htm

MASSACHUSETTS District 4: Dave Cavell (D) enters the open seat congressional race. https://uselections.com/ma/ma.htm

MAINE District 2: Adrienne Bennett (R) to run vs freshman Congressman Jared Golden (D). https://uselections.com/me/me.htm


WEST VIRGINIA: Ben Salango (D) to run vs Governor Jim Justice (R). Allen Whitt (R) to run vs US Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R). https://uselections.com/wv/wv.htm

OHIO District 4: Mike Larsen (D) enters the race vs Congressman Jim Jordan (R). https://uselections.com/oh/oh.htm

INDIANA District 5: Kent Abernathy (R) enters the open seat congressional race. Steve Braun (R) is ending his campaign, "for the next few months" at least. Has an unspecified health issue. https://uselections.com/in/in.htm

MISSOURI District 4: Lindsey Simmons (D) to run vs Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R). https://uselections.com/mo/mo.htm


TENNESSEE District 2: Renee Hoyos (D) to run vs freshman Congressman Tim Burchett (R). https://uselections.com/tn/tn.htm

NEW YORK District 14: Fernando Cabrera (D) to run vs socialist freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D). https://uselections.com/ny/ny.htm

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